Please feel free to read through our school policies.  Due to

recent changes in the curriculum, many of these policies are new.  We hope

that you find them to be helpful and informative.  If you would like to

comment on our policies, please use the consultation feedback form (click here) to inform us of

your views or ideas.  Consultation sheets can be emailed or handed in to

school and we appreciate your responses.


School Policies
Accident and Incident Policy Anti-Bullying Policy
Assessment Policy Child Protection Policy
Complaints Policy Confidentiality Policy Parents
Curriculum Design Emergency Evacuation Policy
Food Safety Policy Homework Policy (February 2015)
Hospitality and Gifts Policy Infection Control
Litter Policy Literacy Policy
Management of Medication – nursery Positive Behaviour Policy – nursery
Positive Behaviour Policy Provision of Snack – nursery
School Aims Toileting and Nappy Changing Policy
Whistleblowing Policy