School Groups

Pupil Council

Mill O’ Forest has had a Pupil Council for many years.  The Council has its own constitution and meets regularly.  This is an important part of school life as it teaches the children, from a young age, the duties and responsibilities of citizenship in a democratic society by allowing them to be actively involved in decision making and allowing them to take responsibility for their school and the wider community.

This session we are working towards recognition as a “Rights Respecting School”.  This is a school where children are taught the difference between “wants” and “rights” and that with every right there is a responsibility e.g. “If all children have the right to a clean environment then they also have a responsibility to do what they can to look after their environment”.

Eco Committee


The Eco School Initiative is an international programme designed to encourage whole-school action for the environment. At Mill O’ Forest environmental awareness and action are an intrinsic part of the life and ethos of the school, engaging children, parents/carers, staff and the wider community.


The Eco School Initiative is a recognised award scheme that accredits schools who make a commitment to continuously improve their environmental performance. In 2005, Mill O’ Forest gained the programme’s most prestigious award, the Green Flag, and in 2007 we were delighted to earn our second Green Flag. Most recently, in October 2010 we earned the very prestigious third Green Flag from Eco Schools – a very significant achievement!


Each year a new committee comprising pupils from Primary 2 to Primary 7 is elected. The committee also has three staff members, and enjoys the support of a parent member and community members.  The committee meets on a regular basis. Pupils set an agenda together, take minutes and decide on action to be taken, before feeding back the information to each class. Pupils from the committee eagerly pass on information to the nursery and help them to take part.



Cycling Proficiency

helmetEach year Primary Six children are coached in Cycling and Road Safety Skills leading to the Cycling Proficiency Test.  Parents are encouraged to join us in the training sessions to heighten their awareness of the dangers on today’s roads and to assist staff in ensuring the safety of those children taking part.