It is important that pupils attend school regularly and punctually.  All pupil absences should be reported to the School Office staff before 9.15 am. If any pupil is absent without an explanation the School Office staff will call home to determine that there is a valid reason for absence. This procedure is also in place as it ensures the safety of children in getting from home to school.

An attendance record is required to be kept by law, containing the name of each pupil.  An attendance shall be recorded in respect of each morning and afternoon of every school day.  National regulations stipulate that the attendance register must now show whether an absence is authorised or unauthorised.


Authorised Absence:
• sickness
• medical and dental treatment
• bereavement
• short-term exceptional domestic circumstances
• religious observance
• meetings prior to and in court
• attendance at or in connection with a Children’s Hearing or Care Review
• weddings of immediate family
• agreed debates, sports, musical or theatrical productions not arranged by or in conjunction with the school
• sanctioned extended absence in relation to children of traveling families.

Unauthorised Absence:
• any absence not falling into the categories discussed previously.

Most family holidays will be recorded as unauthorised absence except under exceptional circumstances and the following are not considered as “exceptional circumstances”:

In order to ensure your child’s safety we would ask you to contact the school on 01569 763561 if your child is to be absent from school for any reason.