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Parents/carers of children starting school for the first time will find notice of enrolment times in the local library and in the local newspapers in January.  In accordance with the Admission Policy of Aberdeenshire Council first admission to school should be at a single entry date in August for pupils attaining the age of five years between 1 March in the year of entry and the final day of February in the succeeding year.

The Education act 1981 relating to Choice of School, (Parent’s Charter), gives parents/carers certain rights in choosing which school they wish their child to attend.  This right can be exercised at any time throughout their child’s school years.  Further information regarding this is available in a booklet entitled “Choosing a School” published by HMSO, which is available from the School Office.

Parents/carers considering enrolling their child in Mill O’ Forest Primary School outwith the normal enrolment times should first contact the Head Teacher, Miss Trish Marchant, to arrange to come along and see the school and meet the staff.  This is always an important opportunity, especially if a family is new to the town. We have a planned entry procedure for Primary 1 children which commences in the term prior to their starting date. This induction policy is available for discussion with the Head Teacher.

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