Health and Safety

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Mill O’ Forest Primary is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all its employees, volunteers, helpers and pupils. The children will be taught, throughout their time in school, about various aspects of Health and Safety following school and local policies. They will be expected to follow this guidance to ensure a happy and successful school career.

Fire Drill

Fire notices are displayed in all teaching areas and fire drill is practised regularly to include the Nursery.

Health Care

If a child is taken ill or injured in school the severity will be gauged by the teachers and if necessary their parents will be informed and asked to collect their child or accompany the teacher who will take the child to the nearest appropriate medical assistance.

Bumps and bruises may initially be treated by those members of staff who have been on a recognised First Aid training course. All children who need First Aid will be given a slip to take home to inform parents and all parents will be phoned should their child receive a head bump.

Children who have been sick or have an upset stomach should be kept away from school for 48hours after the symptoms have settled.


Nuts and products containing nuts, for example peanut butter or nutella, should not be used in pack lunches brought to school.  We have a number of pupils with very severe allergies to such products and for their safety it is essential that they have no possible exposure to them.

More information on the school health and saftey policy can be gained from the school.