Parent Council

All parents/carers of children at Mill O’ Forest Primary and Nursery automatically become members of the Parent Forum. An A.G.M. is held annually in September and a Parent Council for the new school year is then formed.

 The aims of the Parent Council are:
• To promote and encourage better understanding between home, school and community
• To advance the interests of the school and the welfare of its pupils
• To identify and represent the interests of parents/carers on the education provided by the school
• To support the work of the P.T.A
• To be prepared to become involved in the appointment of staff to the Senior Management Team at Mill O’ Forest.

Parents as Partners – The purpose and role of Parent Councils leaflet. This is a one-page leaflet that explains the background to Parent Councils.

Parents as Partners – Information for Parent Council members leaflet.  This booklet gives information for Parent Council members to help them in their role and signpost them to further areas of advice and information.  It also includes some new information on Curriculum for Excellence and the new Inspection Framework.

Aberdeenshire Council webpage on Parent Councils also has some excellent information.

As you are member of the parent forum we are keen to know your thoughts and ideas about Mill O’Forest School. You are invited to attend any of our meetings which are held each term. Please get in touch with us at or directly to any of the members below.

Parent Council
Mr Steve Sloan

Tiang Tuan Long

Shelley Beg

Aileen Shinnie

Susan Purvis

Jacqui Hutchison

Cllr Wendy Agnew




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